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David Palmer - Technical Director

David Palmer.jpg

What is your specialty and how did you come to study, and then, to work in that area? 

I work as a stage manager and designer. My particular expertise is in producing events in unconventional spaces or to challenging briefs. I worked for a friend Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1999, there I met a diverse and talented community of artists from around the world, and I never looked back. 


What do you bring to Eventide and its customers? 

I’m committed to making sure every one of our projects goes without a hitch and adds genuine value to the event. I am always looking for opportunities to improve and innovative solutions.   


What are the projects that speak to you the most? 

 I love to see an event that goes beyond the conventional, that challenges assumptions or brings new perspective. Projects that use narrative and where form follows meaning inspire me.


Why do you choose to do this in London (or East London) specifically?

London is my home town, it’s also one of the most innovative, iconoclastic and vibrant cities in the world, where cultures meet and minds are open to new experiences. 


What do you think Eventide can bring to the Events Industry?

I’d like Eventide to spearhead a revolution, where creativity and innovation lead thinking from the start to the end of event planning. We’re committed to bringing ways of working and ideas from art, science and all sorts of other disciplines into this field and creating events which communicate through unforgettable experiences.

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