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Jessica Meunier - Project Manager, Finance Director


What is your specialty and how did you come to study, and then, to work in that area? 

I have a strong creative strike which I use to support Simeon's and David's work; however, my strength is in the planning and preparation of the events. I studied Film production, worked in TV and films in France and in the UK as well as in theatre and live events. I always took on a producing role.


What do you bring to Eventide and its customers? 

I enjoy the process of safeguarding the integrity of events when overseeing them. Creativity can take you in all sort of places as we are so lucky to work one some very exciting project. My goal is to make sure the aim of the events lines up perfectly with our designs.  


What are the projects that speak to you the most? 

I like any project that gives us challenges in terms of their creativity and logistics. The more technically and logistically complex, the better!
It pushes us to think outside the box and this is why I am in this industry.


Why do you choose to do this in London (or East London) specifically?

We are lucky enough to be in one of the most exciting cities in the world but there is a lot more to explore in terms of creativity. I have seen many shows in France, which is where I am from, and it feels like any event over there is treated as a precious piece of art. That is the approach I like to take and bring here, in London, my favorite city, my home.


What do you think Eventide can bring to the Events Industry?

Eventide can make people realise that events can be special, unique and something that is more than an excuse to just ‘go out’. Any events can be an experience that can change or surprise someone enough to make them feel part of something much bigger.

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