Simeon Miller - Creative Director

Simeon Miller.jpg

What is your specialty and how did you come to study, and then, to work in that area? 

Working at Eventide, my speciality is bringing a wide array of solutions to a project and making all these elements work together. My specialise in both lighting and projection design, as well as technical solutions to bring together various aspects of a design.


What do you bring to Eventide and its customers? 

Using my experience as a lighting designer I work to the specific brief of each client in order to realise a cohesive vision with a strong technical foundation. I look to fulfil a brief with imaginative ideas and strong communication, and to complement the style and scale of each event, as well as considering the needs of the people who attend.


What are the projects that speak to you the most? 

For me the projects that are the most satisfying are those where our unique talents are exactly what is needed, where we can work with an existing group or community to take their ideas for an event to another level that truly represents its value.


Why do you choose to do this in London (or East London) specifically?

I was born in London and still love it for the communities that exist here. Working in London means working with people from across the world and from across the UK. London holds so many hidden treasures, history and potential, there are so many good ideas that people can find and bring to bear.


What do you think Eventide can bring to the Events Industry?

I think Eventide will bring a fresh perspective to event design, as well as a level of care and attention brought over from our theatrical background. We start from a position where each event is unique and singular, and we approach each project in this way. We also bring a strong ethos with us regarding how we work and how we treat both our clients and those we work with.